Garbage service. Serious disappointment and inconvenience to my family. Unreliable, dishonest, unprofessional. We will be contacting the Commerce Commission about your business ethics and getting legal advice. Less than 0 rating.

Submitted by Not Applicable on Sunday, Sep 27, 2020

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Do not use these clowns. Our daughter booked them well in advance of the move last Friday. Note that new owners moving in on the same day. They were told the truck would arrive between midday and three. When the truck had not arrived by 3pm, our son-in-law rang them and was told 5:30. Rang again around 5:45 to see where they were and was told too late they would come the next day. At which point they were told Saturday was too late, they had to be out that day. Son-in law told them not to bother coming Saturday. We managed the move ourselves with a trailer well into Friday night. Saturday morning CBD truck arrived. The driver was rude to my wife. At no time did they try to make contact to advise of delays. pity the lowest rating is a 1. if I had a choice it would be a minus.

Submitted by Cliff Hack on Sunday, Dec 13, 2020

I was very impressed with the speed of the movers.very efficient and not dragging out the time at all. That was the only positive i have to say. Customer relations / friendliness.....3/10. I was told the couch would not fit through the door. 2 furniture movers couldn't get the couch into the flat without "breaking it". I told them to go and get the other two (smaller) items from the ground floor. Decided to tey it myself. Spun the couch around and single handedly, rather effortlessly got the couch into the flat on my own. Slight damage to door and door frame though, which they said was me "breaking" it into the flat. I heard the crack of wood as they were trying to get it in. To be told it would not fit, by 2 removal men, only to fit it in easily on my own, after damage to door frame......I will not use this company again, and will not reccomend them.

Submitted by N/a on Friday, Nov 27, 2020

Absolutely terrible! I would highly recommend avoiding this company. 4 hours after they said they would arrive they cancelled. No calls, no apology. Just awful

Submitted by Jacqui on Sunday, Oct 18, 2020

Damage. Damage .damage....Reportedly told the manager would get back to me so we could discuss the claim. Kept on hold 45 minutes and then disconnected.. Very polite but it’s just a front for someThing shady. Everything looks up front on the website but it’s NOT. No full names given for the manager Perry or Sofia... Address for CBD movers.? Pay extra and go somewhere else. Maybe we all need to get together on this so others don’t go through the same headache.

Submitted by Tracey on Sunday, Oct 04, 2020

The job itself was done okay, however the mattress had not been secured and when it arrived it had doubled over in half. No blanket had been used to place the bed base or Mattress on, rather it was just put the floor of the truck. I was most surprised to find out about the $45.00 deposit was NOT treated as a deposit and the full invoiced amount was charged even though the $45.00 deposit was noted on the invoice and marked that it would be deducted. from the final charge at the delivery address, The job was just inside the 1 hr from door to door. This is verified by a phone call the movers mad to ,me when they reached the pick up address to enquire whether it was the front or the back flat and the time of the credit card payment at the delivery address. that gave them 14 minutes to complete the job to take something 700 metres up the road as had been discussed in the initial enquiry and noted on the invoice. Certainly CANNOT RECOMMEND this company.

Submitted by Murfitt on Thursday, Aug 13, 2020

Wish I had seen these reviews before booking. the service was terrible, really lazy unprofessional movers. A number of items damaged and I am still waiting 3 weeks on for a response on my complaint and damages- contrary to any of their supposed customer service commitments. STAY WELL AWAY FROM THESE PEOPLE.

Submitted by Catrin on Thursday, Mar 05, 2020


Submitted by Envy on Monday, Feb 24, 2020

The moving and packing tips were very helpful. The extra help to remove the arm rests from the chairs greatly assisted with the move. Very professional, friendly and helpful service by Manroopak and Sarbrinder-well done!

Submitted by Audrey And Family on Sunday, Dec 01, 2019

Rip off service. They don’t care about customer time and value. Totally crape. Please never ever go with this guys because your time is money when you are moving

Submitted by Patel on Friday, Nov 29, 2019

The worst moving experience ever , damaged furniture, scraped walls and dents what a costly moving experience, showed up 5 hours late and for what they charged was not cheap would never use them again or refer them be warned!

Submitted by Frankie on Monday, Oct 28, 2019

The movers were amazing, very professional. However, I had an issue with the price I was quoted when I confirmed the move and the price they tried to charge me at the end (double the agreed amount). We came to a settled amount but still $40 more than what i had agreed to pay. I emailed through but no one responded and then when someone rang to ask me to do a survey, I told them my thoughts and they told me they would call me back but still yet to hear from anyone.

Submitted by Kayleigh Thomas on Thursday, Aug 29, 2019

We were quite nervous confirming a booking with CBD Movers after reading the feedback online however we cannot fault the company or team who moved us Sunday. The team of Ankit and Manroopak were on time, polite, industrious, careful with furniture and whitewear and completed the pack and unpack in an hour - well inside the time frame we had expected and a lot cheaper than quoted. Both guys were just fantastic. The booking and confirmation process seemed involved however the text message the day prior requiring confirmation of the booking was reassuring. We will certainly use CBD Movers again as we can't fault the experience. Well done!

Submitted by Brett Holleron on Tuesday, May 07, 2019

Absolute worst service. Cancelled my move with only 1 working day notice despite booking a week in advance and despite telling them I couldn't be flexible with the date I had booked. They are real keen to take your money but not do the work. Guy on the phone continuously spoke over me, terrible customer service. Then couldn't even find my payment I had made. Do not recommend. Absolute cowboys. Save your time and sanity and go with a more reliable company. Now I'm stuck scrambling to find a new mover.

Submitted by Victoria on Saturday, Dec 15, 2018

Excellent service, happy with the job!!!

Submitted by Jamie Ashley on Saturday, Feb 17, 2018

They give the best loading and unloading service at very cheap prices.Nice n genuine teammates always up for help and flexible! Will definitely recommend to everyone!!

Submitted by Gina Messey on Wednesday, Feb 14, 2018

I was referred to CBD Movers Auckland by a friend and they didn't disappoint me. I had a small removal over a short distance, the boys at pickup and delivery worked efficiently. I highly recommend this company to anybody no matter the size or distance.

Submitted by Nathan Dean on Friday, Feb 09, 2018

They were on time and did a quick easy move for me. No probs. Would definitely recommend them.

Submitted by Sandra on Saturday, Mar 04, 2017