5 hours late. Arrived with truck that was too small. Hence only finished at 10.30pm and charged a fortune for it because of the fact that it took twice as long with doing 2 loads.

Submitted by Jennifer on Monday, Jan 22, 2018

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Punctual, professional, courteous, the Tiger Transport team cannot be rated highly enough. From Kyle, our contact person, to David in operations and the amazing pick and delivery guys, you were all amazing and made the job seamless for us. Thank you

Submitted by Catherine Carran on Tuesday, Oct 30, 2018

The guys that moved us were fantastic. The issue is My 55in tv was scratched on the screen. I took insurance with this company. I was asked to provide information and they would contact their insurance company. That was on the 12th July and no they are not responding to my requests. Seems strange that they don't respond. Having to resort to legal to get any action

Submitted by Karen Boyes on Wednesday, Aug 01, 2018

TIGER TRANSPORT RUINED OUR DAY!!! Used Tiger services in late January 2018. We earlier made a contact with the company, in order to get pricing quotes and a better understanding of their way of work. We gave all information about our necessities and also about the issues that they need to prepare before coming. We did it in writing AND on the phone. Tiger had not arrange an adequate truck in size and height, and the employees. 1) Instead being 1st work of the day, we were the 3rd! Instead 9 until 9:30am they started only at 6:30pm!! 2) They did not send the correct truck size. We needed to go back and forth with our own cars in order to bring all the belongings that Tiger Transport's movers did not take. 3) They damaged our stuff. We took videos and photos while it happened, to base this statement. 4) THEY STOPPED TO EAT WHILE WE WAITED. And yes, Tiger Transport DOES charge their customers on the hour!!! We know they stopped to eat because their manager, Hamish, admitted

Submitted by Ryan on Thursday, Feb 08, 2018

The guys Mathias and Roman from Tiger were super awesome, a 12 hour day and 2 truckloads later they were so helpful, patient and professional. They were happy to put furniture in the right places and even make adjustments. Highly recommend.

Submitted by Sudha Bhana on Saturday, Aug 12, 2017

Have used this company twice in the past and they are FANTASTIC! super quick but really efficient. Would not hesitate to recommend to anyone and I will be using their services again for sure.

Submitted by Stacey Clark on Thursday, Apr 27, 2017

Best. Decision. Ever. Have never used a moving company before and was a bit concerned about it but these guys came recommended to me through a mate and I'm so glad I chose them. Hamish and Des had great banter and made the whole thing seem effortless. Will 100% choose Tiger for my future moves.

Submitted by Jarrod Thompson on Monday, Feb 13, 2017