The staff who packed and moved our goods to storage and later to our new location were helpful, courteous and efficient. However, the introductory sales administrator gave us misleading information and a flawed quote that caused considerable difficulties and stress on the pack out day. The initial quote and work details were seriously flawed e.g. no provision was made to deliver goods to our new location and no provision was made to actually pack all goods on departure - staff admitted no instructions had been given to them regarding packing etc. Extra payments were then demanded by management for packing and final delivery. We have shifted household 15 times prior and this experience was the worst for administrative preparation and clarity of communication. We would not use this company again nor recommend it to others.

Submitted by Peter & Pat Braithwaite on Tuesday, Jul 04, 2017

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NZ Van Lines Ltd Most Recent Reviews

We used NZ Van Lines for relocating our stuff from Auckland to Sydney. They did all the packaging for us so we thought it must be very professional. However our 70'' TV arrived with an arched and broken screen. Apparently, a couple of layers of bubble wrap doesn't do the job. Thank god we bought the insurance but again we had to pay $250 excess. There were also 2 missing boxes when they first delivered our stuff in Sydney and we had to phone them and did a warehouse search which took another few days. The good thing is they found the boxes but they should have done a better job ensuring they've got all the boxes in the first place. Not very impressed with the service after we paid over $3500 for the transportation and another $600 for the insurance.

Submitted by Ivy on Monday, Apr 30, 2018

Everything delivered when they said they would and for how much they said it would cost. Unfortunately, we missed out on a couple of our plants but not a big issue so we were just super stoked to get everything up to the North Island. Thanks again.

Submitted by The New Zealand Redwood Company on Monday, Dec 04, 2017

Excellent. The whole process from the initial meet, quote; the guys wrapping and packing thru to the truck driver. Arrived at the destination as stated. No complaint and highly recommended.

Submitted by I Lynch on Saturday, Oct 07, 2017

Excellent service, on time, very friendly and took great care with my items. Would highly recommend.

Submitted by K Gill on Saturday, Oct 07, 2017

Fantastic company. very nice people. took a major stress off us and was done so quick and everything arrived in perfect condition.

Submitted by Hilary Sillis on Friday, Jun 23, 2017

Overall the move went okay a bit of water damage due to the weather but the staff were very apologetic and helpful.

Submitted by Amanda Growcott on Wednesday, Jun 07, 2017

Initial contact and all communication after requesting a quote was fantastic - timely and informative. On the moving day the boys arrived pretty much on time and were polite and considerate. The only hiccup was the driver ran over and damaged some garden edging. However, we were disappointed at the other end (the next day) when our shipment arrived. A lot of the furniture was wet ( it was stored in the truck overnight and the weather was atrocious so I can only assume the rain got into the truck) and a couple of boxes were sodden on the bottom. Unfortunately one of these had precious books in them which are now ruined. Again the boys were polite and considerate, despite our displeasure at the condition of some of our contents. Overall, it was not a bad experience but not a brilliant one.

Submitted by Nicola Johnston on Sunday, Apr 30, 2017

NZ Van Lines were friendly and efficient, from the start of the process in Auckland all the way to safe delivery of our possessions in Hamilton. The crew in both centres were well trained and listened to any particular concerns we had about fragile items.

Submitted by José Machado on Thursday, Apr 27, 2017

Great service. Packaging service was very thorough and all items well protected. Loading was efficient and even when the truck was unable to physically get to our house due to a narrow bridge they safely ferried the items in multiple vans without any additional time used. Most items were delivered from Auckland to Dunedin without damage. The used packing collection took many times to finally occur after multiple phone calls and was the only problem we really had.

Submitted by Richard Mcintosh on Thursday, Apr 27, 2017

THE WORST moving company out there. Would sooner gargle with shards of glass than use them again. 4-hour delay starting the move because the truck went off the road pulling into my paddock. Items were left behind (being delayed meant I couldn't stay to the completion of loading). As it was an 'interisland' move it was a different branch (Christchurch) that delivered my furniture. I was in tears at the amount of damage done to some unique, handcrafted pieces; and although I had insurance no amount of money could actually repair or replace these items. I was grateful to hear from the guys on the unloading end that most ALL OF THE DAMAGE could've been prevented had the Palmerston North crew taken more care wrapping and stacking!!! It has taken nearly 2 months to retreive the items that were left behind, and only after threatening legal action. I hire professionals at a cost of nearly $10K and suffer $12K in damage. I would recommend you carefully research before ever hiring this company.

Submitted by Eliot on Thursday, Apr 27, 2017

Both teams (WHANGAREI & AUCKLAND) were great. Efficient, friendly and nothing broken! We would definately use them again.

Submitted by Kim Butterfield on Thursday, Apr 27, 2017

Moving staff were polite and respectful but lots of damage to furniture. Rimu wooden furniture dented and scratched. White ware scratched. Storage cupboards smashed. Garden pots smashed. The truck obviously wasn't packed securely enough for a long move and things moved around a lot. Very disappointed in this company and definitely wouldn't recommend.

Submitted by Pat Thorn on Saturday, Mar 04, 2017

Excellent price, great service and were timely with providing information. Easy and stress free.

Submitted by Sandra on Friday, Mar 03, 2017

Enjoyed our 2nd move with nz van lines. They really make it easy. The team were amazing to work with; flexible to our requests, friendly & really hard workers. Thank you!

Submitted by Shaun on Monday, Feb 13, 2017