The Ultimate Checklist for Moving House

Moving house isn't the easiest thing to do. That’s why we decided to put together the best moving house checklist for you! With this checklist, you’ll barely need to remember anything yourself at all. Just tick things off as you go and you’ll have everything taken care of.

3 Months Before

  • Get quotes from moving companies.
  •  Make a list of items so that you know what you’re moving. You may also want to show this to movers to get a quote.
  •  If you rent, inform your landlord you’re moving.
  •  Inquire with your employer to see if they pay moving expenses.
  •  Look at schools and other child services in your new area.

2 Months Before

  •  Start packing up items you don’t really use but want to take with you to make a head start.
  •  Decide what you’re not going to take and what you’ll do with them.
  •  Finalise schools and childcare for your kids. Buy them their new uniform.
  •  Come up with a budget and what you expect your moving costs to be.
  •  If you need temporary storage, find a company close to your new place of residence.
  •  Buy a journal to record important information and conversations regarding the move.
  •  Make sure you have time off work if you need it.
  •  Order cardboard boxes and other packing supplies.

1 Month Before

  •  Take your pets to the vets and get any certificates you need. Decide how you’ll get them to your new place.
  •  Make travel bookings to get to your new place if you need to.
  •  Transfer your kid’s school records to their new school.
  •  Call utility companies and let them know you’re moving.
  •  Confirm your move date with the moving company you’ve chosen.
  •  Give your landlord at least 21 days written notice that you’re moving if you’re renting.
  •  Confirm your moving schedule with whom it concerns, such as your landlord or real estate agent.

3 Weeks Before

  •  Ensure your valuables are somewhere safe.
  •  Make sure you’ve gotten rid of the things you don’t want.
  •  Make a list of places you need to inform of your move.
  •  Find out when you need to have your documents signed and finished by.

2 Weeks Before

  •  If renting, arrange with your landlord when they would like to do the inspection before you get your bond back.
  •  Use change of address cards to notify friends and family of your new address.
  •  Apply to redirect your mail.

1 Week Before

  •  Ensure you have the important moving day things, such as numbers, documents, and cleaning supplies.
  •  Pay outstanding bills.
  •  Find somebody to take care of your kids/pets.
  •  Separate things the movers will be taking, and things you’ll be taking yourself. Take valuables and things such as jewelry yourself.
  •  Start getting rid of food and defrosting your fridge/freezer.
  •  Hire a cleaner to come after you’ve moved and take care of everything. It’ll save time and hassle.

The Day Before

  •  Make sure you have the keys to your new place, or that you’ve arranged to pick them up.

On The Day

  •  Make sure there’s space for the movers.
  •  Lock all of the doors and windows.
  •  Make a final note of meter readings and keep them safe.
  •  Triple check everything.
  •  Make sure you’ve given all of the important keys to the real estate agent or new owners. Include window keys and bolt keys.
  •  Don’t try to unpack everything at once. Focus on the beds and get everything else sorted later on. You’ve done well to get this far!


  •  Create a list if anything was lost or damaged during the move and inform the movers or your insurance company.
  •  Take your time introducing kids and pets to their new home.
  •  Consider new locks.
  •  Introduce yourself to your neighbours!

Infographic of the House Moving Checklist

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Moving House Checklist Infographic

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