MovingPros Top Mover Award

The Top Mover award recognises movers who are delivering exceptional customer experiences on MovingPros.

Top Mover Award

What is a Top Mover?

The Top mover award is reserved for a very small number of MovingPros most highly-rated movers based on customer reviews and ratings. Currently less than 3% of members qualify as a Top Mover.

To qualify as a Top Mover, a moving company must have a track record of delivering exceptional customer service and continue to meet strict rating criteria.

Top Mover Benefits

We provide the following exclusive benefits to movers who have achieved 'Top Mover' status.

Profile Award Badge

A special Top Mover award will be added to your profile to help you stand out and win more business.

Promote Your Success

A Top Mover badge will be unlocked and sent to you for promotion on your site and social pages.

Generate More Exposure

Be featured in annual Top Mover awards promoted on MovingPros, social media and media releases.

How to Qualify as a Top Mover

Movers who meet the following three criteria are rewarded as a Top Mover on MovingPros.


Be an Active Member

Only members actively quoting on moving requests qualify.


Minimum Review Count

You need a minimum of 10 verified reviews on your profile.


Customer Review Rating

You must maintain a minimum 4/5 star customer rating.


Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to our 'Top Mover' common questions.

Does my Top Mover status last forever?

You will be recognised as a Top Mover as long as you continue to meet our rating criteria. This is continually assessed throughout the year. If you no longer meet the criteria at the next assessment, you will no longer qualify for Top Mover status.

If this happens don't worry! You can become a Top Mover again by meeting the criteria at the next assessment. This is why it's so important to continue to request reviews from your happy customers and remain active over time.

How do customers know i'm a Top Mover?

A Top Mover badge will be added to your profile to highlight your award and help you stand out. You'll also unlock the Top Mover badge which we will provide you to put on your site, social media pages - anywhere you want - to help promote your achievement and build your brands trust and credibility.

How does MovingPros promote it's Top Movers?

Apart from the Top Mover badge added to your profile we continue to promote Top Movers in a number of ways. Top Movers have the opportunity to win annual Top Mover awards, showcasing the highest rated members on MovingPros each year. Winners will be featured throughout the MovingPros site, social media and media releases.