The Ultimate Checklist for Moving Office

Moving offices can be both exciting and stressful. Some business owners don’t realise just how stressful it can be until they are in the throes of packing up their things and getting things done. This office moving checklist can assist you. Make sure you haven't forgotten anything, and get things done in advance. Then you can get back to business!

3 months in Advance

Selecting your new office:

  •  Is it large enough for your employees?
  •  What’s the security like?
  •  Can you afford it?
  •  Is there room to expand?
  •  Who is responsible for maintenance?
  •  Are you allowed to redecorate?
  •  Are there enough power sockets?
  •  Is there a kitchen?
  •  Do all of the windows open?
  •  Is there anything nearby that can disturb you?

6 Weeks In Advance

  •  Consider selecting a trusted employee to co-ordinate the move.
  •  Consider anything that needs to be upgraded or replaced.
  •  Measure out your new office so you can buy furniture and come up with your layout. Ask for advice if you need it.
  •  Send notices to clients.
  •  Contact a removals company for quotes.
  •  Keep your office staff informed and engaged with the move.

1 Month Before Moving Day

  •  Arrange for a security company to assess your new office if management doesn’t cover it.
  •  Ensure everything will be delivered before the move.
  •  Confirm your moving date with your chosen removals team.

Arrange your new phone lines, internet, and anything else you need. This may include:

  •  Fax
  •  Routers
  •  Modems
  •  Mail services
  •  Pagers
  •  Electricity
  •  Telephones

3 Weeks Before Moving Day

  •  Inform suppliers and other important people about the move. This may include gardeners, cleaners, and the government.
  •  Order new stationery with your new address.

2 Weeks Before Moving Day

  •  Make sure you have your phone lines and internet installed at this point. It’s better to do this while the office is still empty.
  •  Try to transfer telephone numbers. If you can’t, set up forwarding.
  •  Redirect your post.
  •  Have your essentials ready.
  •  Arrange for external storage of things like desks and IT equipment if you need it.
  •  Confirm details of your move plan with the removals company.
  •  Label things in accordance with the move plan.
  •  Arrange for staff members to visit the new site to familiarize themselves with it.

1 Week Before Moving Day

  •  Hire a cleaner to leave the office in the best condition.
  •  Make sure your furniture is ready to be delivered and set up.
  •  Ensure cables, servers, and wiring is set-up properly.
  •  Set up large pieces of furniture if possible.
  •  Find a packing service of possible to allow business to continue as usual.
  •  Finalise the start time on the day of the move.
  •  Decide whether staff will help you on moving day, have the day off or work from home.

On The Day

  •  Make sure everything is ready to go.
  •  Ensure you leave the office clean for the owner.
  •  Start putting up furniture early.

No need to have a stressful moving day with this checklist. Get most of it done it advance and you’ll barely need to worry at all on moving day. Then you can all get back to business as usual!

Infographic of the Office Moving Checklist

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Moving Office Checklist Infographic

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