The Ultimate Checklist for Moving Overseas

Becoming an expat and moving overseas can be daunting. You’re basically packing up your old life and moving miles away from where you’ve lived for years. However, with this checklist, you can get excited rather than frightened. Get a head start on moving abroad today.

3 Months Before You Move

  •  Book hotels or travel tickets that you might need.
  •  Find out whether your pet will need to be quarantined and what else you need to do to get them to your new location safely.
  •  Inform your kid’s school of the move. Ask for transfer certificates and any other relevant information.
  •  Find a moving company you like the look of and ask for quotes. Organise a date.
  •  Renew your driving license before you leave if it’s out of date.
  •  Put your house on the market if you’re selling up.
  •  Label and pack boxes up with things you won’t need to use until you move.
  •  Find tenants if you’re planning on renting your home.
  •  Use change of address cards to notify people of your move.
  •  Find out what you need to do about an international license.
  •  Ensure everybody in your family has a valid passport.
  •  Make a folder for all of your important paperwork.

2 Months Before You Move

  •  Cancel subscriptions and things or move them over to your new address if possible.
  •  Sell or give away items you don’t want to take with you.
  •  If you’re planning on renting out your property, have repairs made.
  •  Set up important direct debits with your bank.
  •  Consider setting up internet banking for ease over the moving period.
  •  Tell your bank that you’re moving.
  •  Inquire about a mail re-routing service.
  •  Set up a good time for your kids to say goodbye to their friends.
  •  Organize visas if you need to.
  •  Get copies of your medical records for pets and children.
  •  Arrange insurance for your move.
  •  Visit the doctor and arrange for vaccinations if you need them.

1 Month Before You Move

  •  Change your address on everything.
  •  Begin packing up your home, bar the essentials.
  •  Make sure your house insurance is due to be canceled on moving day.
  •  Contact utility companies and cancel, or change the names on the bill if you’re renting out.
  •  Pay any bills you have outstanding.

1-2 Weeks Before You Move

  •  Take apart large items of furniture that you want to take.
  •  Get currency for your new place.
  •  Start packing suitcases.
  •  Empty your fridge/freezer.

On The Day of The Move

  •  Go through your plan with your movers and go through the inventory list.
  •  Ensure you have every essential you’ll need before you arrive at your new place.
  •  Say goodbye to everybody.
  •  Triple check the house to ensure nothing is left over.
  •  Know when you expect items that are being shipped to arrive.
  •  Keep your jewelry and important documents with you.
  •  Live in the moment and take your time today. It’s a big deal!

Use this checklist to help you when you’re taking a leap and moving overseas. You should find it much less hassle and far more exciting!

Infographic of the Overseas Moving Checklist

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Moving Overseas Checklist Infographic

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